Why Beyonce is an inspiration

BeyonceEveryone knows who Beyonce is – has heard her music at some point. It is unavoidable. She is a global superstar, business woman and a household name.

However, I am not writing this post because I love her music. Some Beyonce songs are amazing but most I could take or leave.

What inspired me to write this post is a recent tv programme on her day-to-day life.

Beyonce is clearly at the top of her game but that comes at a steep price. She is extremely dedicated to completing her goals and puts in some serious hours and hard work to get what she wants.

In a way it made me realise that everyone has goals – even Beyonce – and they generally start small. I believe they are always achievable with enough hard work and commitment. I immediately drew comparisons to myself over the last couple of years.

Beyonces’ initial goal was to make a record. I’m sure her friends and family supported her but, at the same time, many will never have dreamed of how far she would grow as an artist.

My initial goal  was to publish a novel.

Her next goal was to gain a following based on finding people that like her work, as is mine.

I can now see that no matter what you are doing, or hoping to achieve, whether it be writing and publishing a book, releasing a single, becoming president there will always be days that feel it is extremely hard work and that it’s all pointless. I’m sure when Beyonce reached her 15th day in a row doing 8 hours non stop dancing she felt like packing in as I did after what felt like the 1000th proof read of my book. But just think of that moment when you tick off that goal.

When I published my book through Amazon Kindle and kept hitting F5 on amazon search results the next day it was a great moment when my cover appeared. The years of writing, researching, designing covers, designing websites and spreading the word seemed irrelevant. It was actually forgotten immediately. I had achieved one of my main goals and I had done it through nothing more than time, perseverance and hard work.

Who knows if it will be a success? I may never hit the 100 copies people say self published books are lucky to reach but I can but try. J K Rowling sat there at one point hoping to sell 10 copies. I’m sure Beyonce jumped with joy when she heard shed sold 10 copies of her first single.

I think, deep down, everyone knows what it takes to be successful. Hard work. The difference is, those that really do work at it will be successful.

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